Cost-Effective Changes To Your Business: Part 1

When selecting storage facilities for your warehouse, or are investing in anything to further your business, it’s a good idea to ensure you make cost-effective decisions. Being conscious of your expenditures will help you to save money which can be put to better use elsewhere within your business.

Whether you’re just starting up a business, or you’re looking to implement some changes within your company to make better savings, there are various ways to maximise on income without having to sacrifice the standards of your services.

Storage bins and racks

Second-Hand Shelving

A good place to start is with the basics. Your shelving solutions are significant to the functionality of your warehouse, as you’d have nowhere to stack your stock otherwise. Especially if you’re looking to cut back on costs, or are just starting up, second-hand shelving offers all the benefits of full price shelving, but at a reduced price.

Perhaps you need extra shelving for excess stock on a temporary basis? Second-hand shelving could prove to be a better decision than forking out for new shelves, and the team at The Shelving Centre can help you choose the correct storage solution for the job!

A senior worker teaching his junior the operation of a fork lift vehicle in a factory

Team Training

This at first may seem like it may lead to higher expenses, but having a team training day or even afternoon can, of course, improve how your business is run in the future. One of the main costs in any business is the payment of staff, and so holding event training sessions could considerably help improve their daily performance which can lower your labour costs.

Training your staff correctly could also save you money as it reduces the chance of injury to employees – especially in a business where there are heavy duty objects and machinery, you must lower the risk of accidents by making sure everyone is trained appropriately.

Space Saved, Money Saved

Saving space in your warehouse may sound like common sense, but often people don’t realise they could save money by investing in more suitable equipment. For example, you may be using the wrong kind of shelving for the products you’re storing, which could be creating useless excess space which falls short of the necessary product measurements.

Whatever you’re storing, the correct shelving could help you hold more products in your warehouse and could potentially save on contributing factors such as delivery charges.

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It’s also important to consider the amount of space you’re taking up in your warehouse – you want to have plenty of room for forklifts and other lifting vehicles, but if there’s enough space for more shelving and thus more products, then you may want to reduce your aisle space.

To keep your business running as efficiently as possible, you may want to start making some changes like these, not only to cut on costs but also to increase productivity. Investing in shelving solutions is one way to get the best out of your business in a warehouse environment, so if you’re interested in any of our products, feel free to get in touch with us at 0208 998 9247.

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