Christmas Wishes from the Shelving Centre!

Christmas is an incredibly busy period for everybody involved in the sometimes hectic process of running a warehouse, and by now you’re probably more than ready to sit back, relax and enjoy a mince pie (or two)!

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We just wanted to take a few moments to wish each and every one of our customers a very merry Christmas – or a happy holiday if your festive celebrations take other forms. Whether you’re scurrying to wrap your presents, enjoying a seasonal tipple or even just a well-earned rest, we are incredibly grateful for your custom throughout 2015 and hope that you end the year with a bang.

For the Shelving Centre team it always feels great to know that our services can help reduce a lot of the stresses associated with running a warehouse by ensuring that essential organisation and storage equipment is in place. We hope that we’ve helped more than a few of you get your warehouses in order over the past year, and as we move into 2016 we will continue to offer the same great products and the same great service.

As we welcome in the New Year, it’s the perfect time for you to reflect on your business and consider whether there are any areas in which improvements could be made. This might mean coming up with more efficient organisation solutions that will make it quicker and easier for warehouse workers to find the stock that they need, or finding new ways to take advantage of the maximum amount of storage space.

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However you want to improve your warehouse this year, the Shelving Centre will be happy to help you – and with a range of high quality reclaimed and nearly new options, including used cantilever racking and slotted angle shelving, we can help improve your Christmas spirit by keeping you firmly within budget.

All that’s left for us to say is that we hope that these holidays are special for you and your family, and that you continue to prosper throughout the year to come. And, if you think that improving your warehouse could help to start 2016 as you mean to go on then please get in touch today – online, or by calling 0208 998 9247.

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