Keep Calm and Clean On

A clean warehouse is a productive warehouse.

Dirt, grime and clutter on the other hand are a recipe for disorganisation and disaster. So if you want to ensure the effectiveness of your warehouse operation, then it pays to keep it clean and organised.

Cleanliness has a big impact not only on the safety of a facility, but also on employee morale too. That’s why enforcing a regular cleaning schedule is well worth the effort.

As suppliers of an array of shelving solutions, including a selection of high quality used shelving units, here at The Shelving Centre we know a thing or two about what it takes to keep a warehouse clean and organised.

Want to know more about how to keep your premises clean and productive? Then you’re in luck, as we’ve put together a quick guide to some top tips for keeping your warehouse clean, and more efficient. Enjoy!




Schedule It

Giving your warehouse a deep clean every now and again might seem like a pretty sensible option. But in reality, regular cleaning can save you a significant amount of time in the long run, after all, if you don’t allow grime to build up, there will be less cleaning for you to do.

Admittedly, some areas of your warehouse are likely to require more attention than others. So take the time to make a proper assessment of your facility and decide which areas require daily cleaning and monitoring, and which only need weekly or even monthly maintenance.

Some of the key areas you will want to focus on are the floors and aisles in your warehouse. These should be swept and cleared of any debris on a daily basis.

With this task done, you can then create a schedule for your employees to follow, so that everyone knows what requires cleaning and when.




Keep Supplies At Hand

Keeping cleaning equipment close at hand will make it much easier to stay on top of the cleaning operation in your warehouse. For example, it’s a good idea to keep rubbish bins and disposal facilities near the work areas in your premises, so that your employees don’t have to trek halfway across the building to get rid of any waste. Not only will this make their job easier, it could also help speed things up too!


Clean As You Go

Cleaning as you work is one of the most effective ways to maintain high standards of cleanliness in your warehouse.

Maintaining a clean work area will also help boost efficiency and increase safety too. So adopting a clean as you go attitude it’s definitely worthwhile.




By following these handy tips you could help keep your premises clean, organised and more productive.

As premier suppliers of an array of shelving solution here at The Shelving Centre we can provide an array of products to help keep your warehouse more organised.

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