Warehouse Safety: Using a Forklift Truck

Safety in the warehouse is paramount, especially when it comes to using forklift trucks; when these machines are in use there are many potential hazards. At the Shelving Centre, we know exactly how to ensure the optimum safety when using this vehicle, so read on and you will find our guide to using a forklift truck safely in a warehouse.


All forklift truck drivers are required to be qualified to drive them; if a driver is inexperienced or has never driven one before, this could be exceptionally hazardous; even causing fatal injuries.


When driving a forklift truck, appropriate clothing must always be worn at all times, this will usually include; hi-visual jackets, hard hats and safety shoes. All clothing must be well fitted as loose clothing is dangerous as it can become trapped in machinery.

Safety Checks

Before using a forklift truck, safety checks must be carried out; therefore it is important to perform a routine check often. The parts of the vehicle that you need to check include; brakes, controls, steering, and the tyres. You must also make sure that the warning devices are still working. If any faults are noticed, the vehicle must not be used until fixed.

Speed Limits

Forklifts are not the fastest vehicles in the world, however it important that speed limits are put in place and are abided by. 

Road Rules

As there are both people and vehicles working in one place, which can often be limited for space it is important to implement ‘road rules’, for example arrows should be placed on the floor to inform the driver or pedestrian which way to walk. This will prevent accidents and provide you with a more organised workplace. Implementing these rules in a warehouse will certainly provide you with a safer working environment.

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