Why Dexion Shelving Might Be Just What You Need

The concept of shelving is, of course, a very simple one, but the variety of shelving types that are available can seem a little daunting when you are looking for your ideal system. At The Shelving Centre, we have built up an uDexion Shelvingnrivalled stock of varied shelving and racking options over the course of more than three decades, and so we have many different installations that will be suited to different needs. One of the shelving ranges that we find to be most popular is Dexion shelving and Dexion racking, and the popularity of these products is entirely justified when you examine their superb capabilities.


Whilst aesthetics are not wholly unimportant for storage solutions, what really matters is how a shelving unit copes when it is put to use. As an international company employing more than 500 people, Dexion prioritises the high manufacturing standards of their solutions at all times, and as such their reliability is second to none.


Flexibility is an important quality for shelving, as it needs to be able to accommodate a constantly fluctuating load, and sometimes be able to house items on a very ‘ad hoc’ basis as well. A lot of Dexion shelving can utilise multiple tiers that are fully adjustable, and because of this items of varying sizes can be easily accepted; even if the current shelving configuration has been storing objects of very different dimensions. A range of dividers, lockable doors and rails are also accessible, so the shelves can be personalised to individual preferences.

Ease of Use

Despite manufacturing numerous different shelving and racking systems, the components within almost all types of Dexion shelving and racking are very interchangeable, and they also employ highly convenient methods of assembly too. Typically, no specialised equipment is required to erect a Dexion shelf unit, and their strong safety standards also mean that one person can carry out the process with ease.


Because of their adjustable nature, almost no space tends to be wasted on Dexion shelves, as different sections of the same unit can always be optimised to suit their designated purpose. As a result of this money is also saved, as the need for more storage systems is often negated, and, of course, their user-friendly nature will also save you copious amounts of time.

If you’re looking for high quality shelving that can be tailored to meet very precise specifications, then Dexion shelving and racking will undoubtedly be just what you need. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. With our used Dexion shelving and racking, you can save even more money than this fantastic system would normally let you do, so make the Shelving Centre your first port of call.

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