Promoting Warehouse Shelving Safety

When it comes to working in a warehouse setting, making sure that safety is a priority is incredibly important. Due to the potential for a large amount of big, heavy items being stored, it is vital for the safety of staff members that storage systems and shelving are used correctly and safely, to make sure that no one is injured and business can continue efficiently.

CMC understand this problem, so we’ve highlighted a few things to consider when it comes to making sure that your shelving systems are safely used.

Correct Equipment

One of the first steps in ensuring that your warehouse storage works for your business is making sure that you have the correct equipment. For example, in order to best maximise space and keep workers safe, you may require different shelving solutions for different products or different areas of the warehouse. Ensuring that you have the right shelving solution for the job can help increase the likelihood of safe usage. Also, make sure your layout offers good access and plenty of aisle space.

Transporting Pallets

Labelling and Organisation

Make sure that the products on your shelves are labelled and segregated, so that similar products are stored together. This can help to reduce the likelihood of someone having to search around in the shelving units looking for an item that has not been correctly organised. You could explore how technology can help with your inventory management, or just make sure that all shelves are clearly labelled with what is contained in them.

Correct Stacking

One of the most common causes of injury in a warehouse is stacks collapsing, which is why making sure that shelves are stacked properly is vital for the safety of your staff. There are a few ways you can stack products safely depending on the item. For example, bagged items can be stacked in a pyramid, while uneven items may require sheets of plywood between them for stability. Also ensure that you always remove items from the top of a pile first, to avoid any falling products.

If you want to know more about safe warehousing shelving solutions, CMC can help. Contact us today for more information.

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