Warehouse Managers: How Can You Keep Your Stock Optimised?

When your business is growing it’s always good news, so you may not mind that your warehouse is a bit messy with lots of boxes and pallets laying around… still, the last thing you want to do is waste time trying to find a specific product, especially if you need to retrieve them for a client. By ensuring that your stock is organised, any time you need something you’ll be able to get it easily, and you’ll be able to improve the efficiency and productivity of your employees as well.

Label Everything

Making sure that everything is properly labelled means you can save time later when retrieving a product. You’ll also find it easier to keep track of your inventory, which comes in handy when you want to order more products.

The Layout of Your Stock

While it may seem simpler to just store things wherever there’s space available, it pays to have a system. Having similar products in the same area, especially when you have a lot of inventory, helps you easily find what you’re looking for. If you’re constantly shipping the same products together, it also makes sense to place them together, so that you can pick them up quicker.

Likewise, warehouse managers should ensure that the best-selling products are near the shipping area, so that the picking process is more efficient.

Store Vertically

You have plenty of storage options when it comes to keeping your stock organised in your warehouse. With mezzanine flooring, which doesn’t require construction and is simple to install, you’ll be able to have offices there, as well as some of your cardboard boxes and other products. Shelves are another great way to keep your warehouse’s aisles clear of clutter. Most of them can withstand a lot of weight and can be used to store a lot of different items, so they’re adequate for most, if not all, warehouses.

No Traffic Barriers

By keeping your products away from the aisles, you ensure that your employees are able to walk around without hitting anything or tripping over a discarded object. This will make for a safer workspace, especially if your warehouse deals with heavy or hazardous products, as well as heavy machinery. In addition, you can save space that can be used for other things if the aisles are clear.

Managers need to ensure that the daily operations of their warehouse run smoothly at all times. For this, it’s vital that stock is kept optimised, so that you can improve your employees’ productivity and guarantee a clutter-free environment. At CMC we provide storage solutions for any warehouse, so take a look at our vast inventory and contact us to discuss your needs with us.

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