Boosting the Efficiency of Your Warehouse (Part 2)

Frequent visitors to The Shelving Centre blog will be aware of our team’s focus on your business’ organisational systems. Through everything, from our used shelving solutions to our mezzanine floors, it’s important to consider what impact each aspect of your warehouse has on the efficiency and organisation of your warehouse systems.

Our previous warehouse efficiency blog addressed communication issues, as well as the importance of acting instantly. For the second part in this series, we will look at the importance of how you order and display your stock, so as to ensure that your items are not only easier to access, but kept in the best condition possible.

Blurred forklift driver warehouse

Storing Heavier Items

This may seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprised at the amount of stock that gets damaged through the incorrect storage of heavier items. Through simply storing your heavier stock beneath lighter stock, you can prevent the unnecessary wastage of stock through damage. Not only that, if the heavier stock crushes the more delicate stock, it could fall, increasing the chance of your staff being injured. It’s a simple matter of using common sense when storing your heavier stock.


Labels are an underrated aspect of any warehouse. Teams often rely on their prior knowledge of where the stock is stored when they find it. However, if you have a visitor, or have new starters, it pays to have your stock labelled so as to reduce the time taken to find stock. Not only that, when you order new stock, your system risks falling apart as more and more stock is relocated or moved.

Storing Popular Stock

Through simply locating your most desired stock closer to the access points of your warehouse, you are enabling your whole team to be able to reach the stock much more quickly than if it is tucked away at the back. If the stock is stored in an inaccessible position, just think about the needless amount of time spent walking to and from it over the course of a week! That time equates to money!

Forklift in front of shelving system at warehouse

It’s important to use common sense when storing your valued stock. Many ergonomic improvements and efficiency enhancements come from accepting that there are always things you can be doing to improve the efficiency of your practices, so consider implementing the above if you feel your warehouse is lacking in any of these areas!

Another great organisational tool in the warehouse is our fantastically versatile and durable shelving systems. So, if you would like to discuss your company needs with one of our friendly team, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact us on 020 8998 9247, where we are always eager to answer any questions you may have.

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