Boosting the Efficiency of Your Warehouse (Part 1)

The team at The Shelving Centre continually strive to deliver only the best levels of service. Whether that’s through the provision of our high-quality shelving systems, from Dexion to used shelving, or through our industry-insider blog, we only ever aim for the finest customer service. As such, we love being able to offer your team valuable information to get the best out of your purchase.

However, your management system doesn’t solely orientate around your shelving. For an effective system to work there needs to be communication throughout your team as well as a desire to want to continually improve; but what simple things are there that you could implement to optimise the organisation of your warehouse?

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Act Instantly

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve left something to do ‘in a minute’, but sometimes that minute never comes, or the minute becomes five, becomes twenty, becomes an hour. In a warehouse, if your stock comes in, it’s essential to act instantly. This prevents unorganised stock being left all over your warehouse as well as staff thinking you’ve run out of certain stock when in reality it is just lurking elsewhere in your warehouse.

Seek Criticism

If you want to keep your system working at its most effective, the best way is to ask your staff where they think there are inefficiencies. Just because you cannot see any room for improvement, doesn’t mean that there isn’t any way that it can be streamlined or optimised. Ask the people who use the system first hand and discuss ways to better it. Keeping the channels of communication open throughout your business will help to empower people at all levels. Perhaps most importantly though… act on it! Don’t just listen, do it!

Communicate Changes and Expectations

The best chance you have of creating an effective warehouse management system is through ensuring that everybody is working towards the same goal. If only one person isn’t aware of a particular avenue of the system, then it can all fall apart; stock can be stored incorrectly, become lost and cause unnecessary wastage. Make sure all changes and expectations are communicated effectively throughout your staff.

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While it’s important to remember all of the above, a further key aspect to boosting your warehouse’s organisation is through implementing an effective shelving system. If you would like to source effective and durable shelving, all you have to do is get in touch. You can contact us on 0208 998 9247, where one of our friendly team are always eager to address your shelving needs or answer any questions you may have relating to The Shelving Centre’s service.

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