Space Saving Ideas for Your Workplace


We all love a little organisation in our workplaces. We’ve spoken enough about how many different ways you can organise your warehouse with some quality used and new shelving, so it’s time to take on a different point of view; how can we save space?

It’s all well and good having a neat, tidy workplace with perfectly labelled shelves, alphabetical products and everything in size order, but it’s not going stop your workplace becoming cluttered.


If It Fits, It’s Boxed

Whether you work in an office, an archive or a warehouse, there may be some small products which are accidently scattered across your shelving unit. This can cause problems when you come to locating your scattered products as well as taking up far too much space.

One way to keep those loose products from taking over your workplace is to box them. Keeping small, loose products in a single, contained area will help both in the organisation of your workplace, as well as providing more space for you to work with.


Warehouse worker carrying boxes in aisle

Moving Up

This one tip is great no matter where you work and can be adapted for the specific size of your workplace. Sometimes our products, or office supplies have a tendency of doubling in size and consuming more space than they were originally delegated.

Expanding your shelving system up instead of out will take advantage of empty ceiling space, allowing you to store your ever expanding office supplies and warehouse products efficiently.


Cardboard Boxes


If at First You Don’t Assess; Asses, Assess, Assess

With the growth of your workplace comes a change in floor space and a shift in product storage. To make your workplace more efficient you may need to move around your shelving systems, instead of having them line your workplace walls, you may need to move them into the centre of your floor.

Alternatively, to accommodate for new products, you may need to move your bulkier products and supplies from one side of your workplace to the other. If you don’t assess all of the possibilities you may end up with a very cramped and inefficient workplace.


Analyzing electronic document

Used Dexion shelving systems are perfect for helping you save space in your workplace. Made from quality, durable materials, their interchangeable compartments help to organise your supplies as well as offer a reliable, low cost way to save space in your office, warehouse, workshop or factory.

For more information about which of our amazing shelving systems can help you save space, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today on 020 8998 9247!


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