How Can Dexion Shelving Systems Help My Organisation?


Organising your office and work space can be made a lot easier with the right shelving. Sometimes, however, even your shelves need a little TLC to keep them organised and tidy. The congregated mass of folders and free slips of paper have a tendency to wonder about your shelving unit if not properly stored. We’re sure that (at some stage) everybody has experienced the joys of riffling through their shelves, searching for that one important note book, or that one thin folder.

As experienced suppliers of used shelving units for more than 34 years, we know one or two things about which makes and models are best for which jobs. Dexion Shelving Systems, for instance, are quick and easy to assemble and dissemble to your particular requirements. The Impox model in particular, is very handy for helping you to organise your shelves.




Dexion Impox Shelving System

Haven’t you always dreamed of having a shelving unit with easy, interchangeable components? How about a shelving unit able to effectively divide your folders from your notebooks and your single slips of paper? It would certainly make office life much easier wouldn’t it?

The Dexion Impox Shelving System does just this. Benefitting from a number of effective, reliable features, such as:

  • Shelf Dividers
  • Hanging Rails
  • Interchangeable Components
  • Lockable Steel Doors
  • Simple or Complex Multi Tier Systems


These unique features to the Impox model allows you to easily assemble the shelves without the need for any specialist skills or tools. Being able to assemble this shelving system quickly and easily is aided by the innovative interchangeable components and dividers, allowing you to create the shelves to your particular fancy.

Dexion Shelving

This modular design means that you get the maximum storage capacity possible from your shelving unit. So now you need not worry about losing notebooks between folders or paper between notebooks, now there is a place for everything, and everything has its place. The dynamic dividers can be arranged to section off a fraction or half of your shelving unit, halving the shelving space or dividing it up into innovative, efficient box-like shelves for you to utilise however you wish.

If you would like to know more about our vast range of shelving units, or for more information on our Dexion range, contact us today on 020 8998 9247 and our friendly, professional staff will be happy to help.


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