The Right Shelf For the Job: Shelving for Schools, Libraries and Shops


We’ve spoken a bit about the advantages of used shelving over brand new, of the spectacular benefits of second hand products and of the best ways to help keep your warehouse tidy and efficient. What about those businesses and buildings too small to be called a warehouse? Those community spaces where keeping your clutter off the floor is vital in portraying a well organised business and displaying products is essential in order for them to sell? You may be surprised to know that when it comes to shelving, no business is too big or too small for us!


When you walk into a library what do you see? Boxes of books and audio books piled to the rafters for you to wade through? Are they scattered across the floor for you to carefully pick your way around while you search for a first edition or that one book with the name you can’t pronounce but will know it when you see it? No. Libraries work so well because shelves are used to keep books in their perfectly visible alphabetical order. They’re arranged in neat, sturdy lines or placed strategically around the edges of the room. Whether it’s as a local, independent library, a chain library or as a school library, keeping books of all genres safe from being trodden on or overlooked, used shelves are perfect for this job; they’ve done it before after all, what’s stopping them from doing so again?


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A newsagents is a perfect example of where display shelving comes in handy. You need something to balance your newspapers and magazines on, after all. Customers aren’t going to want to come into your store and have to jump up and down to see if their favourite magazine is hidden at the very back of the top shelf. They’re not going to get down on their hands and knees and push products aside to reach today’s issue of the newspaper if it’s shoved to the back of the bottom shelf either. Displaying your products is the main aim and used shelving can help. You don’t need to purchase a brand new shelving unit to do the job, used or reclaimed shelving works just as well at a cheaper price!

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Sometimes, you’re going to want a top shelf to put toys or craft material on. That little bit of extra storage is often the only way to ensure that your classrooms run efficiently and safely. What better way to help keep your classroom safe and tidy than including a shelving unit for all of those books and boxes? The best part is that you can decorate them however you like! So you don’t need to have grey metal showing in your classroom, simply cover the shelves for colourful alternatives!


Schoolchildren and their teacher in a primary class


There’s a lot more to used shelving that your business can benefit from than warehouse efficiency. If you’d like to know what kinds of shelving units we have for your business, contact us today on 020 8998 9247.


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