Boost Productivity: How To Organise Your Work Place (Office Edition)

It doesn’t matter where you work, whether it’s an office or large warehouse, it’s extremely important that you keep your work place organised.

An organised and efficient works space will not only make your job a lot easier, it will also boost productivity and make things run a lot smoother.

As a supplier of new and used shelving, we play a big part in providing storage solutions for our customers. So how else can you keep your work place running like clockwork? Read on for more hints and tips as we look into the best ways to keep your office tidy!

 Group of Business People Working on an Office Desk

Categorise your files

Sometimes your desk can end up looking like a dumping ground for paper and documents, to the point where you don’t even know what half of them are for. This is why we suggest that you categorise your files into an order which makes more sense to you. Put them into a few different piles – keeping the ones that are more important or time sensitive closest to you. Any documents that are not needed but need to be stored can be filed away somewhere that is out of the way.

Organise your documents alphabetically

Organising your documents alphabetically can be frustrating to begin with; as it can take a long time if your files are all over the place. However, once it’s done, it can allow you to work a lot quicker within your office. When looking for a file, you’ll know exactly where to look – making it far easier to grab and get on with your work. It’s also an easy system to add stuff too, as not everything will need reordering to make it work.

We suggest making it even easier for everyone in your work place when organising alphabetically – by placing the correct letter on the location that the file is stored so people know exactly where to look!

Store similar things together

There is no point in storing important documents in the same place as your stationary, or storing your employee’s personal details in the same place as notes about customers. Everything should be stacked away with things of a similar nature. Put all your stationary together, along with items such as blank paper – as people are more likely to need these things at the same time. You don’t want to keep different types of documents together on a shelf if they aren’t related in any way.

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If your work place is looking a little cluttered at the moment and you think you could benefit from high quality storage solutions such as the ones that we stock here at The Shelving Centre, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can give us a call on 020 8998  9247 and a member of our staff will be happy to help.

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