Warehouse Safety: Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are the leading cause of injuries in the workplace. They cost businesses millions of pounds each year too, which is why it’s vital to take steps to prevent them.

Want to know more about preventing accidents such as these in your workplace? Then check out our quick guide to preventing slips, trips and falls.



A clean workplace is a safe workplace. If you notice a spillage on the floor, don’t allow it to stay there!

All liquids should be mopped up immediately and oil or grease cleaned up without delay. Don’t forget to sweep up any loose material such as sawdust too.


It probably goes without saying, but trips are mostly caused by obstructions in walkways. So it’s vital that you keep the walkways in your warehouse clear.


Good housekeeping is the key to keeping the risk of trips to a minimum. Investing in effective storage solutions will help make this a little easier. For example, our used shelving will help kill the clutter and prevent the floors in your warehouse from becoming a dumping ground.

As a handy tip, it’s essential that both you and your employees adopt a ‘see it and sort it’ attitude. This will ensure any potential issues get picked up and dealt with immediately. Simple!

Make sure your work environment is well lit too. After all, it’s important to see where you’re walking!

Want to keep your workers steady on their feet? Then pay attention to your floors too. Uneven surfaces are another common cause of trips. But by ensuring your warehouse is fitted-out with well maintained, high quality flooring, you can help reduce the risk of tripping accidents in your workplace.




There’s a reason why many of us are afraid of heights. Falls are another widespread warehouse hazard. This is why all employees should be trained in the proper use of equipment such as ladders.

Storing items correctly will also help to prevent accidents. For example, where possible, heavy items should always be stacked at the bottom of shelves, as this will help minimise the risk of accidents when employees are reaching up to remove them.



Here at The Shelving Centre, we like to think we know a thing or two about warehouse safety. Our shelving solutions can not only help increase efficiency in your warehouse environment, they can also help improve safety too!

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