Warehouse Safety – Moving or Falling Objects

When it comes to working in a warehouse, safety should always be the number one priority. Whether you’re preventing slips and trips or falling objects, you should always make sure that your workplace adheres to health and safety regulations, and that your employees are working responsibly.

Moving and falling objects can cause serious injury in warehouses, and therefore it’s important that you’re aware of the dangers these pose and how accidents can be prevented.

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Signs and Warnings

It is of vital importance that you take every necessary precaution in order to prevent your employees being hit by falling objects.

If there are areas where objects are frequently being moved and are more likely to fall, make sure this area is clearly marked by signs and cordoned off. In addition, you should also verbally brief all staff on where these areas are, and the precautions they must take.

Mechanical Handling

All mechanical equipment should meet maintenance regulations and be suited for the job they’re being used for. For example, a fork lift truck should only be used for appropriate lifting.

If your employees are operating heavy machinery in your warehouse, they must be fit to do so, both physically and in terms of training. Training should be conducted in three key stages:

  • Basic training
  • Specific job training
  • Familiarisation training

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Storage Systems

Storage areas must be appropriately designated and clearly marked. These areas should be placed away from tight corners, doors, pillars and uneven surfaces.

Pallets and used shelving are an excellent storage solution and improve warehouse safety by preventing equipment and materials from cluttering the floor. However, you should still inspect these regularly to ensure that they’re correctly installed and supported, and that there are no faults that could cause them to fail.

Ensure that all pallets are stacked correctly and that shelves are not overloaded. Fully brief your employees on how this should be carried out and ensure that everyone has been fully trained to avoid accidents.

We hope you found this information helpful and that you’re now able to ensure that your workplace is happy, healthy and safe. At The Shelving Centre, we can provide you with excellent shelving that will enhance the safety of your work environment. For more information, contact us today by calling 0208 998 9247.

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