Keep Calm and get Stacking

Pallet racking is a straight forward and efficient form of warehouse storage that we’ve all seen at one time or another. Though perhaps we do not think on it often, this humble design has a history; one that affected more lives than you might imagine.

The Outbreak of World War II

In 1939, World War II was declared, and the British armed forces found themselves with the daunting task of equipping and mobilizing a huge armed force abroad. This problem only persisted during the war as new soldiers were hurriedly trained and sent out to the front lines. This required massive logistical planning, with simple supplies such as electrical torches, blankets and compasses numbering in the tens of thousands in terms of bulk transport; not to mention the vast amount of munitions required. Naturally, this meant a new form of storage, with an eye for efficiency and mobility, was required.

Stacking for Britain!

Thus pallet racking became standard on an official level with not just the British Government, but also many of the Allied nations.  Being able to store such large supplies on pallets that then could be easily moved by fork lift at any time was a must during the war, as many such items were destined for overseas transportation via freighter or airplane. Efficiency and mobility was key! These supplies were considered crucial to the war effort, so wasting time and manpower was not an option.

Pallet Racking Today

So here we are in 2015, with a vast global market with goods being shipped and flown all over the world on a daily basis, all of which requires storage at one time or another. Even long after the war, pallet racking is still one of the most essential methods of warehouse storage. Still being used by retail and manufacturing facilities to optimise storage and organisation, the method allows for safe and efficient stacking.  This humble design is tried and true, and be your business manufactory or distribution, you will need efficient and economical storage.

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