5 Old-School Methods for Improving Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouses are very efficient places in modern times, with technologies such as barcodes, scanners and RFIDs being used to keep track of inventory and to help in locating stock. These technologies are effective and can have a huge impact on a warehouse’s efficiency, but with all the focus being put on these new ways, the old-school methods of efficiency are being forgotten. To make sure that they aren’t forgotten completely, we’ve blown the dust off our software-less warehouse efficiency tips to make sure your warehouse can run at peak performance.

1. Keep Up With Organisation

It’s just as important to maintain an organised warehouse as it is to get the warehouse organised in the first place. If you have protocols that help your employees keep your warehouse organised at all times, then you will find that you are spending less time organising the warehouse and more time doing something more important.

2. Know What Moves Quickly

One of the best ways to organise a warehouse is by using the time that it takes for stock to move. If you keep fast moving stock closer to the shipping area, then they will be more accessible and you will eliminate a lot of unnecessary work. Make sure that you have a very good idea about which stock is fast-moving, as relocating stock once you realise that it isn’t selling as fast as you thought will just lead to even more work.

3. Minimise Unauthorised Traffic

Warehouse security is very important, but this doesn’t mean that it should take up all of your day. Make sure that your employees are easy to identify with uniforms, so you can quickly work out whether a person should be in the warehouse or not without having to go down and check.

4. Prioritise

A very handy tip to increase warehouse efficiency is to prioritise the stock you have, depending on whether it is going to one of your most valuable customers. Colour coding the stock will allow your employees to quickly determine whether it is high priority or low priority.

5. Don’t Let Your Warehouse Become a Maze

Your warehouse shouldn’t be a maze that your employees are constantly getting lost in. Having your warehouse categorised, and giving each section a clear sign, will allow your employees to find their way to where they need to be without having to waste time figuring it out.



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