Clearing Clutter in the New Year

This time of the year is probably the most cluttered of all. In our homes, the floors are strewn with the wreckage of festive and New Year celebrations, and in our workplaces it’s probably a full year since we last seriously tried to straighten up the premises. You may think that clutter isn’t all that important, but actually that’s not always the case. Excessive discarded objects can represent a pretty big problem around this time of year, and it’s something that deserves to be treated seriously.

Warnings Against ‘Festive Clutter’

Recently, the fire brigade have been heard to issue numerous warnings over ‘Christmas clutter’, as there have been plenty of accidents as a result of blocked communal stairways or halls. Not only this, but such detritus is also a substantial fire risk when it’s just left lying around and about, and this isn’t only the case in domestic premises. Although offices or warehouses may not be full of wrapping paper and the like, they’re probably still in need of a thorough tidy up, or they can become unsafe.

New Year Tidy-Ups

When you think about it, one of the only times that most workplaces crack on with a ‘real’ tidy up is right now. New Year’s resolutions and ideas of a ‘fresh start’ are very much in the airways, and so (at least some of) the previous year’s clutter gets thrown out right about now. Often, a well-meaning resolution to keep the warehouse or workplace tidy doesn’t last, so January is the one and only opportunity to really get down to some serious clutter-control.

New Year…New Stock

In warehouses, the problem of fresh stock intake can also be problematic. New stuff naturally tends to appear around this time of year, and it’s all too easy to discard the older stock on the nearest convenient floor space. Given the recent warning from the fire brigade, that’s exactly what you don’t want to happen, so don’t fall into this bad habit. As it’s the start of the year, a far better habit to get into would be to promote some organisation, and our used shelving can really help in this respect.

At The Shelving Centre, our shelving is specifically chosen for its utility, and we have enough different types and styles to suit any workplace. Furthermore, picking up used shelving also means that you’re going to be getting a real bargain, as we always check our products to ensure quality. To find out more, and to kick your clutter into touch at the start of 2015, contact us by calling 020 8998 9247 or email

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