The Importance of Archive Storage

At CMC: The Shelving Centre, we are renowned for providing affordable products like Dexion shelving in London, but we actually possess a very varied selection of shelving, including installations for very specific needs; like the archiving of your documents.

With the modern move towards digital archiving still ongoing, storage of physical archives may seem rather obsolete, but it’s still a vitally important practice for many, and neglecting to archive files properly can cause you all sorts of problems.

Why Archive Storage?

Archive storage rackingAs a business grows, it usually needs more space, and this means that paperwork cannot always be stored indiscriminately around your premises. Because new paperwork is never far away, the old files are usually transferred to an archive, and unless you are willing to convert them all to digital files some physical storage is required.

Certain companies, perhaps most notably those in the financial or medical industries, have a legal obligation to hold on to paperwork for a very long time. For example, some financial paperwork needs to be kept for at least 10 years, otherwise the holders can face legal action, so in these cases archive storage really is the only viable option.

What Archive Storage?

Of course, you could just archive your documents on any old sort of shelving, but purpose-built archive shelving is undoubtedly the best practice. You’ll need to carry out a thorough risk assessment concerned your archives anyway, so when you’re going to such lengths you may as well invest in some proper shelving too. The very nature of archive storage shelving means that your floor space is maximised, which is an advantage, and it is especially designed to cope with all sorts of varying document sizes and boxes as well.

Archived documents need to be stored securely to prevent them from being contaminated by factors like heat, moisture or sunlight damage, and the style and materials used within archive shelving can actually make a huge difference to the lifespan of an archived document. That’s why we specialise in selling the very best archive storage shelving, and our product has been optimised to store all of your archives as safely and securely as possible.

Our archive shelving will make a huge difference to your archiving system, and if you have any further questions then we welcome you to contact us. Call 020 8998 9247 or email and we’ll be pleased to help with any enquiry that you may have.

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