The Basics: Warehouse Organisation

If you are an online retailer looking for the perfect storage solution for your stock, you need to take the time to plan out the perfect storage strategy with the space you have available. A fantastic way to cut costs on shelving is buying second hand shelving from us at the shelving centre, and we are able to provide a range of branded products too, such as Dexion shelving.

Dexion Shelving

Storage Areas

A common solution you will see with many online retailers is a three way division between Incoming goods, Order Picking and Dispatch. The incoming goods section is where the newly delivered products get checked for quality and completeness. The Order-picking part of the warehouse is where the individual merchandise is stored, and from which the picker takes the items to fill the order. The final section, often called dispatch, will be where the products are packed and prepared for shipping.

With these sub areas there is no need to separate them with walls, often simple floor markings will suffice and also make it easier if you are operating forklifts or pallet trucks.

Storage Area Allocation

If the person picking stock has to search for a product without a clear knowledge of where it’s located, the time taken searching could eventually have a knock on effect with delivery times, raising the chance of delays. If you allocate your products to specific areas, not only will it save time but it will prove beneficial in keeping track of your stock. A popular solution is a numerical space allocation.

A numerical system arranges items by the sequence of product code numbers, whether you use the manufactures given one or choose to number them yourself.

Warehouse Planning

As well as planning and allocating your space in your warehouse, you must be aware and take into consideration the technical capacities. These basic factors must be taken into consideration when you plan your warehouse.

– How many products in the range

– Overall size of the inventory items

– The average and maximum quantity of products. This depends on the predicted sales of the item

– Average number of items for each shipment

– Quota of returns

Hopefully this will aid you in the planning and organising of your warehouse, making storage and business run smoother. Here at The Shelving Centre we stock all the shelving solutions you need to create the perfect storing answer.  Our team are always willing to help with any questions or queries you may have so contact us now to discuss our products on 020 8998 9247.

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