Second Hand Shelving: Same High Quality, Even Better Prices

When it comes to shelving, it’s highly recommended that you come to us at CMC: The Shelving Centre to see all of your needs met. As we outlined in a previous post, effective shelving can offer a great deal to your business in terms of efficiency, and can ultimately end up saving you money as well. However, purchasing high quality used shelving is another fantastic way to build upon these properties even further, and buying second hand shelving and racking doesn’t mean that you’re restricted in choice either. Here are a few of our own examples for second hand shelving, and reasons why they can be of use to you:

Longspan ShelvingLongspan Shelving

Longspan shelving is one of the most common types of shelving, and it is of great use in both commercial and domestic environments. The major advantage of longspan shelving is – as the name suggests – the long and uninterrupted expanses of shelving, and this makes it ideally suited for storing lengthy or bulky loads. Easy to assemble without specific tools and very adaptable, longspan shelving is safe and maximises spatial efficiency, so it brings a lot of benefits with it.

british-standard-shelvingBritish Standard Racking

Sometimes tradition is a negative thing that results in less than optimal systems being maintained for sentimental value, but that’s certainly not the case with British Standard shelving. This type of shelving has been proven over many years and is highly affordable. What’s more, each post can be cut to size to suit exact specifications. Every unit bolts together very easily, so if you’re looking for a budget shelving system with great convenience then you could do no better than this.

cantilever racking and oleaseCantilever Racking

Cantilever racking brings a number of distinct properties to the table. Because cantilever racking doesn’t have oblique or vertical braces, it can store loads that are actually far wider than you might think. The accessibility from the front of a cantilever rack is unparalleled, and it still retains many core benefits like spatial effectiveness and simplicity as well. If your business stores prolonged forms like pipes or lumber, you’d be well served by cantilever shelving.

Pallet rack 4Pallet Racking

Many businesses depend upon palletised storage in bulk quantities, and pallet racking is superbly versatile for such establishments. We’re well aware that pallets can come in all different shapes and sizes, so we offer various dimensions of pallet racking that can comfortably support loads of up to a ton in weight. Much of our pallet racking comes from businesses that are making their current shelving installations redundant, so you can access racking that is proven to be reliable at even lower prices than normal.

There’s no downside to purchasing used shelving from us, and it’s a brilliant way to increase your storage capacity at speed. If you’d like to know more about any of the shelving and racking types that we supply, please be sure to contact us now. We’ll always be happy to provide any advice that you might need.

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