How the Right Shelving Can Improve Your Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouse efficiency is a commonly debated topic within the related industries, and there are many ways to achieve this aim. From layout to open access routes and even automation, there are many ways to achieve this end. However, one of the simplest and most important amendments you can make to your warehouse is actually the sort of shelving or racking that you are using.

Shelving is one of the keys to optimising the efficiency of your warehouse, yet all too often it is overlooked in favour of more ‘obvious’ developments; like forklifts for example. Well designed shelving is invaluable within the warehouse, increasing the density of storage and pick rates among many other things, and the following are just a few of the ways that it can be of service:

Optimising Storage

Clearly, shelving is meant for storage, and so the primary way it improves your warehouse efficiency is in this respect. Shelving keeps the stock within your warehouse safe and ordered, and also keeps large burdens from gravitating towards indiscriminate storage on the floor. Keeping access routes clear is highly recommended in and of itself, as blocked pathways can not only restrict vehicular access, but can even pose health risks to your staff. Nothing will impede the efficiency of your establishment more than an injured worker and an abundance of unwanted health and safety paperwork, and shelving can help to ensure that this never happens.

Optimising Layout

As has been mentioned, the layout of a warehouse is very important, as the last thing that staff members want is to have to traverse the full length of a building to complete one half of a task, only to have to carry a load to the opposite extremity for the final stage of the job. Associated stock needs to be kept in the same area, and shelving allows such systems to be easily implemented. In addition, flexible modular shelving, such as Dexion shelving, also enables adjustments to be made to storage space very conveniently. Each unit is fully compatible with each other one, so you can customise the layout of your racking as and when you need to.

Optimising Cost

Costs are obviously the backbone of any business, and shelving is paramount in these respects. The last thing you want is to find your stock becoming damaged, as you’ll then need to replace it, and so shelving keeps it all out of harm’s way. Furthermore, if we return to the example of Dexion shelving, customisation allows awkwardly shaped objects to be readily incorporated alongside more normal loads, which in turn saves you the bother of buying a whole new set of racking simply to house a few troublesome items. Investing in quality shelving will also save you money in the long term, as in an active warehouse environment a more robust shelving structure will withstand far more wear and tear.

As you can see, shelving and racking is one of the fundamental areas to consider within any warehouse, and the impact that it can have on overall efficiency is impressive to say the least. Here at CMC: The Shelving Centre, we specialise in stocking a huge array of quality second hand shelving and racking, allowing you to optimise your warehouse on a budget. Contact us now and we’ll be pleased to discuss your situation.

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