Welcome to CMC: The Shelving Centre

Hello and welcome to our new blog here at CMC. Established in 1968, we have several decades of experience when it comes to providing used shelving and used racking, and so we felt it was high time that we started to share more about our business practises with you on a more frequent basis.

The cornerstone of our business is our provision and quality installation of second hand shelving and racking, although we also make a wealth of other storage solutions available to our valued customers as well. From longspan shelving to mezzanine floors, slotted angle shelving to pallet racking and even cantilever racking, we’re confident that we can help you. As well as this, we can even design tailored storage solutions if you have a specific need, so our service is comprehensive in its scope. Our stock is consistently changing, so even if you can’t currently see what you’re looking for on our website feel free to ask whether we’re able to obtain it in future. We’ll always be pleased to hear from you.

Even though much of our stock has seen previous use, we fully guarantee the high standard of all of our products, and to this end we utilise thorough checking and maintenance processes to ensure we sell only the best shelving and racking. We’re based in Middlesex, but don’t worry, as we can arrange for our storage solutions to be delivered to you wherever you may be, so we can undoubtedly meet all of your requirements. All of our fitters are rigorously trained and have installed a myriad of different space-saving products in the past, enabling you to rest assured of a smooth service from start to finish.

On our blog, we’ll be letting you know more about our business and our services in the coming months. However, we’ll also be bringing you other related news in a wider sense as well, and will do our utmost to furnish you with a variety of useful information. We’re able to advise you regarding the best storage solutions for your needs when you contact us, but we can also let you know about a few hints and tips here on our website as well. We have a lot of experience, so be sure to regularly check back here and you’ll always find something of interest.

Whenever you have a need for reclaimed, used, nearly-new or pristine shelving and racking, make sure you come to us here at CMC: The Shelving Centre. We look forward to getting better acquainted with you soon.

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